5G® is used by more than 100 floor producers around the world and more than one billion m2 of flooring with 5G®/Fold down since its first introduction in 2004. European luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) specialist, Designflooring is one of them. They recently launched Korlok, which is a new rigid core flooring collection in LVT – with 5G® technology from Välinge. 


Steve Curry, Sales Director at Designflooring, talk about their use of 5G®.

“We have sold a lot on esthetics the last 30 years – the look and the feel. Thanks to 5G we also got technical attributes. The combination of the two is very important and now we have an ideal story.” 

“The combination with 2G and the 5G works very well for us. You simply slide the plank in and drop it into place. It saves several hours of the installation, which is a great appeal for the installer.”

“5G gives us a product that is easy to install. And at the end of the day; if the installer likes it, the difference is huge because the installer influences the retailer and the contractor.”


Yet another floor with locking technology from Välinge has seen the light of day. Beauflor’s Boardwalk range is a true rigid product allowing for installation over non-perfect sub-floors and in challenging environments - areas without perfect climate control.

“We have chosen the innovative 5G-i locking system for its drop and lock functionality without the need for additional inserts. The shortage of skilled installers is a known problem in the US market, and customers are drawn to simplicity and function. The 5G-i system allows for both - speed and assurance that the product will stay locked” says Michael Finelli, Director Of Marketing And Product Management at Beauflor. 

Over the last 5 years, LVT/SPC and WPC have quickly developed to become a popular product category in the US. Even though the product has a technical build-up that sometimes can be challenging to explain for the customer – Beauflor try to cut through with simplicity. 


“We saw a need in the market to provide a product that was not over-engineered for everyday use and with this innovation, were able to bring a product to market at a better value; improved performance and lower cost.” 
Beauflor was one of the first Välinge licensees to introduce the 5G-i locking system on this specific construction.
“Välinge’s team did an excellent job of communicating, engineering and testing the locking system on our specific construction. There are multi-width products for extremely unique installation designs and registered embossing with painted bevels which elevate the design to a realness we do not see in the market. In addition, there is a line of tiles as well. You can mix and match the entire collection over every room of your home without worrying about transitions, while maintaining a beautiful and clean aesthetic.”

BBL Floor

bbl logga.png

Field Shaw, General Manager Vinyl Floor Division at BBL Floor:

“Thanks to the largetolerance window, the installation works smoothly. 5G is more forgiving and can be installed without having to think about adjusting the tongue in the perfect position. The locking strength is superior thanks to the flexible plastic tongue. BBL have worked with Välinge for more than 10 years. I am impressed over Välinge’s R&D department and the technical orientation. Välinge constant focus on new developments reassures us that we have the best locking system!”



Jasmine Wang, General Manager from Kimay: 

“5G makes installation very easy and solves the short side problem. Thanks to the fold down technique, no strength is needed to click the flooring together – even I can do it. And even better; it takes half the time to install compared to traditional systems.”



A lot of companies have chosen Välinge's 5G technology. See the complete liste here.